Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 4- Don't read if you haven't opened it yet :)

Day 4
This is my day so I got to open Day 13 from Robyn which is a treat! You'll read about it on Christmas day since the other swappers won't be opening it until their day.

A plug for my sister, Richey, who has a shop on Etsy, Items of Interest by Richner, and makes cute bags, towels, and magnets, which is where I got my idea to use bags last year and this.
I made these but her bags make great place cards for weddings, little gifts instead of a card and for about the price of a card. Filled with candy or little treats -oh, so fun!
 My friend Sue showed me how to make these at our craft workshop at church.
They have a lot of uses. You could attach them to a potluck dish with your name or what your dish is, you could use them as a gift tag, make a banner with a bunch of them....
 Being a shrinky dink lover and wanting to use a stamp from Suzanne at Quietfire Design I decided to adorn the chalkboard with this one. She has a mini- stamp of this quote so they are teeny tiny-maybe a 1/2 inch.
I purchased chalkboard ornaments and cut the hanger off, used a Krylon gold leafing pen and outlined the boards. The clothes pins are covered with Washi tape. (I love the pink and black chevon and I'm not a pink kinda girl)
I ordered a batch of this leaf garland and attached self-adhesive puffy hearts. I've used a sheet of probably two hundred of these for a zillion projects over the last 5 or 6 years.
The garland and quote were hot glued on as was the board to the clothes pin.


Yogi said...

cute idea. Love the previous days post as well. Looks like another batch of wonderful gifts this year.
Have a great day

Robyn said...

I love my little board!
I've never shrinky dinked- maybe time to start!

Ruby's Girl said...

Oh nice! I love my bag and its contents from last year and these look just as wonderful. Lucky girls with your Day 4 gift. Judy