Saturday, December 22, 2012

Farmers Market- last week of the 8-12 AM market

Next week we go to the winter market. 10-12 every Saturday. No more Anne and Kenny's Cheese, no more Claire and flowers and evergreens, but we will still have Ivor, bison ( the sellers name I do not know-ugh), Beth with granola, the pork folks and maybe even the prepared food folks, one of whom is married to the pork guy.
Today I hit our market with great hopes of scoring some watermelon radishes, only available in the fall, and some brussel sprouts. Rats. Neither.
But I did get two cucumbers, two cabbage, and two bunches of carrots ( are you feeling like you're on Noah's Ark yet?)
We went and got a bite to eat at Northend Cafe and had a window seat when runners in Santa suits ran by and ran in delivering Christmas wishes and small candy canes. Made my day!
Then we spotted a few vendors at the market across the street.
Score!!! Watermelon radishes- probably 8 bunches- I bought 3. I'd have bought all of them if I had a place to store them. Last day of that market.
We put them in everything- salad, soup, they were even in the meatloaf this week! I practically skipped home! He also had Russian kale and I bought two bunches of that.

 The haul!
 The kale!
The carrots and cabbage =-yummy

cukes  ( did you know you can float a broken poinsettia in water?)

The sought after watermelon radishes- you remember how glorious they look inside, right?  Go back to an earlier farmers market post, if not. 
The Santas

Giving candy to a little girl (this big girl got one, too!) 
And because the presents are wrapped and under the tree, I finished this project for the grandkids to hang out on here. I sewed four jersey fabric pillowcases together. You can fold the one at the top under for a prop up!
Cozy comfy- I could nap on it :)

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Yogi said...

nice haul from the farmer's market. glad you got your radishes BIG GRIN. Comfy recliner...
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