Sunday, December 30, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things.....

It has sure been a wonderful Christmas season for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Advent and time with my family has been terrific even though a few crucial players were absent. Other than adding a few folks, I wouldn't change a thing.
I had the idea on Christmas Day to set up a "photo booth" on the 26th at my mother's open house and made props and insisted everyone join in for at least one photo. Too bad my grandchildren and DIL couldn't be there with Miss O sick (still sick- bad stomach virus). But, the booth is still up at my house until the New Year if they get to come over. I think they'll have fun hamming it up with their Aunt Amy.

Photo booth fun!
 It really is a fun idea that gets people together and clowning around. Easy to do- I just hung some wide Christmas paper on the wall, gathered some thin dowel rods, bought three 1/2 price Santa hats, dug out my reindeer headband, cut a few mustaches, lips and beards from construction paper. Easy peasy.
Richey's ex-husband's younger children

They got the photo booth going

Cute reindeer!

Pat with the boys

Trying a little reflective camera work

My hubby between two of Richey's (former and current)- we are an all-inclusive family

Mom and Ruth who have been friends since I was a toddler- they've both moved to the same place!

Sister silliness

Richey's son, Jim, wife, Michelle and little brother

Then we had the set up at my house for an impromptu gathering.

Rach and Amy

Amy's cheesecake pose

Mary Ann and Jon

Shirley, my former MIL, decided to be scandalous with a kiss from Jon

A and R with Grandma Shirley

A and R with Grandma Jenny

Grandmas and girls

Me and Mr. Jim

My blood relatives

Mom and the daughters

Three generations

Amy and her grandmothers
And if you're still with me, here are a few of my favorite gifts- most handmade by the giver!

Love, love these coaster that Amy made me! The colors are perfect for me :)

And some homemade truffles! 

Beautiful enamel pendant by Rachel

That is reversible! Love both sides

My beautiful bowl made by E and sweet DIL Kristen filled with color co-ordinating ornaments

These are soft, soft socks and the gray polka dots just make me happy- Jim got me 3 pair!

How about some felt and felted ornaments by Amy

My fav
Jim gave me these lenses for my iPhone for some cool iphonography- I 'm thrilled with the macro lens as I love close-up shots. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure
Took this without the lens

Here's a closeup of Santa's eye!

Stitching on my coaster

Enameling on my pendant

Close-up of poinsettia buds

poinsettia buds opened a bit


And my front windows make me happy every time I pull in the driveway.

Oh, these are a few of my favorite things........
Hope your holiday was filled with things you love.


Yogi said...

what a nice trip down a few of your favorite things. Fun family pics.
Lucky you with the new lenses. Have fun playing with them
Have a happy, healthy, safe, New Year's Eve and looking forward to posts in 2013...

donna said...

Luv your photo booth idea. Hope I remember to do it sometime. Beth, you are as busy as, you are busier than ever.