Friday, December 07, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things, part one

This is a new favorite- isn't it fun to find something you forgot about?  I purchased this Fisher Price nativity set after Christmas last year for Miss O to enjoy this year. What a treat to find it! It is sitting on the child-sized table that belonged to my dad.

I enjoy candles in the winter and this is on my coffee table. King Leo sticks surround it. I remember sticking these in a hole in a  orange and sucking the juice through them- peppermint orange. A favorite childhood memory.

My rolodex art holder turned to some Christmas rolodex cards.

 A gift from Amy

An ornament for our first Christmas
A Christmas decoration toy that my children played with and that children still love- the angel at the top bumps her way down to the tree. They slide her up and give her a tap to get her going over and over again!
byhandartists yahoogroup 12 days of Christmas swap basket. I'll open one each day starting on the 12th or 13th of the month. We create  a little something for 12 people and mail them out. We each open Day One on the same day. The person who has day 13 is the gift you open on your day.  My day this year is day 4. I'll post the gifts each day- so come back for a peak at one of my favorite swaps of the year.

My punched tin from church for my Advent meditation and my rubber stamp
Russian lacquer box from my trip to the Baltic Sea in 2008.
This sweet box is about an inch by inch and a half with a detailed painting of a sleigh and horses on it.
These sweet glass jars with votive hang going up my stairs.

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