Sunday, February 21, 2010

And Fun it Was!

I think the birthday bash was a great success! We missed Shirley, my kids' other grandmother, who was sick and has a birthday tomorrow. But, the other four birthday peeps were there and made of 50% of the guests! It is the only time of the year that we have such a concentration of birthdays. They seemed to have a great time making the tye dyed magnets! I figured that would be the FFF ( forced family fun) part of the evening. I showed them how to do it in the living room and took the materials to the kitchen and they are got busy using every scrap of clay. I wish I had bought more magnets! I figured they would put one together to appease me and be done. I didn't get to the edible crayons but that will be great for another day. Ezra and I played three game of Cariboo Island, Amy's gift for him. It is very fun! The only thing I would have done differently was turn up my phone so I would have gotten Amy's message to Skype while everyone was here. That would have been a blast. I know she is swamped catching up from being away from school so much in December, January and early February. I've been trying to let her have plenty of time for that.
Aren't birthdays fun? Zoe's is next month-sounds like another good reason for a party!

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