Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carnivore Lover's Farmer's Market

Not a lot of fruits and vegetable this time of year, especially with snow every weekend for the last 3, so it was a carnivore's market today (oh, and VERY beige- I need a colorful countertop!). Our favorite chicken guy is only there once a month in the winter so we were looking forward to visiting him. Today's haul was a whole chicken, two cut-up chickens, two packages of chicken breasts, two packages of ground bison (tonight is meatloaf night-yum!) and a dozen eggs.
I think there is a French chicken recipe on the Valentine's night menu! I'll let you know tomorrow.

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Lindalou said...

Love your beige picture. Never had ground bison. Very interesting. Can't wait to hear about the French Chicken recipe.

Happy Valentine's Day.