Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've been busy getting ready for the birthday party bash here today. The tye dyed soap is made- but I did make a big mistake in forgetting the soap friendly colorant at Michael's and having to go with food coloring. They will be a rainbow of colors if they try to use it. So I'll warn them maybe it's best just to enjoy looking at it! My secret decoder cookies are baked and secret messages ready. I have a few tips on this if anyone ever tries it. The chalkboard cloth birthday banner is up and the chalkboard table cloth is on the table with birthday messages. I made the tye dyed cupcakes yesterday and iced a few today. The guests can ice the rest. You can't go wrong with some chenille stems for bending and playing with. If I have time I'll knead and roll some polymer clay for tye dye magnets for everyone to make and whip up some edible crayons. But, we'll see. I have to make the chili, slaw and cornbread.
I experimented with tye dye snow yesterday and made this cool peace symbol. It doesn't last long-sinking in pretty quickly- but it was fun and I made do some more right before the guests arrive.

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Amy K said...

Fun! I'm so jealous! I'll be there in spirit! I love the effort and creativity you have put forward for this...