Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seattle Day 2

Today I struck out on my own! Even drove downtown- a first for me. While, I've certainly been downtown plenty, I've never driven and parked. Yikes! Strange car, strange city- stress! I did find my way to Pike Place Market and a place to park after a bit. I love Pike Place Market, never tire of it. I had my favorite Halibut sandwich from Market Grill, eaten at the waterfront. The flowers are pretty in the market even this time of year, the fruits and vegetables -perfect, fish-fresh!
I made it to a paper shop I've always wanted to visit. I often go downtown on Sunday when here and it is closed, glad I saw it on my way back to the car. de Medici Ming is a wonderful place with paper I can't afford but love to look at. I did get a handmade card that I will frame and put in my bedroom. The woman working there was very charming. Tiny little shopped crammed with wonderful paste papers, Italian marbled paper, etchings, handmade books. I could have spent and hour and loads of cash.
My next stop was Fremont where I had booked a tour of Theo Chocolate. It was a really interesting tour and very informative about chocolate. Lots of yummy samples, too. I love dark chocolate and their's is pretty terrific. Their wrappers are a treat, too. I bought the 8 pk for my bridge buddies. Each is a different flavor combo. The aroma of the chocolate being processed was incredibly rich. The husks are in one bowl and nibs in another in the one picture. The nibs are totally natural- no sugar-but very tasty. The husks are sold as mulch. They use as much of the chocolate bean as possible. If you like chocolate, reading their story is worth the time and tour if you are in Seattle, not to be missed.
I had time before the tour for a quick cup of coffee and a stroll along the water. Fremont is also home to this giant statue of Lenin and this cool tile outside a restaurant. Lots of surprises-like this little purple chair by the window box at a clothing store and a junk store called "Peace".
What's not to like?

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donna said...

I can always count on you to include food in many of your blog posst. I luv that because it's one of my favorite subjects. Have I mentioned that you're brave?