Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seattle Day 1

I had a very uneventful flight, my favorite kind, to Seattle today. Even snow in Chicago didn't delay my arrival! Amazingly, I slept most of the way off and on, which is rare for me. I chose my first aisle seat and then had two families of toddlers sat in the two rows in front of me. As they were settling in, I moved back about 5 rows. Love kids, but 4 1/2 hours on a plane in a seat is a long time for me much less toddlers.
I absolutely love Seattle, not just because my family is here but because it is just so spectacularly beautiful! Clouds and rain cannot cover up the incredible vistas. I got to see some new areas as I took the new light rail from the airport to get to a bus to A and R's house.
A had a class about an hour or so after arrival so I went to University Village to hang out while she got educated. It is a commons shopping area near the "U" that has my favorite stamp and paper store in Seattle-Impress. I have misplaced my little birdie I got there and replaced it. I used it all of the time and it is a little stamp that I'm sure will turn up in the mess that is my creative space some day, but it was worth it to me to buy another. I also picked up a collage sheet of birds that fit some charms and plan to make a copper necklace and some more scrabble tiles with it. There is a Copic Marker class next Monday. I'm thinking about taking. I haven't used them before.
After about 45 minutes of looking at all of their wonderful stuff, I went to a sweets shop for a coffee and snack. Chocolate Almond something- yum and pretty, too.
This scraggly photo is the hope of daylilies to come in my yard, uncovered by the melting snow, before I left. The other beautiful bloomers are in Seattle, where blooming things seem to always flourish no matter the time of year. Many flowering trees are blooming, white, purple and pink and the daffodils are nodding their pretty yellow heads, too. I'm especially partial to the happy colors of Primrose. They are 10/$10.00 here and I wish I could take a flat of them home with me! I love hellebores and why aren't there any living at my house?

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