Friday, April 22, 2011

Artfest, the continuation

It's been a super busy week here.  I somehow scheduled myself a week that didn't leave a moment for anything fun or leisurely.  ( I went to get a pedicure last night which would make me sit still for an hour and when I had to wait 20 minutes for a technician- I had to leave I was so sleepy! Too tired for a pedicure?? Really?! Ridiculous. And up at 4:30 AM to get to seminar I gave this AM-- I'm ready for the weekend... can you hear the Calvin Harris song yet?  I Jazzercize to it.)
See? I get off track when I'm tired.
Let's see- other Artfest activities- Every night there was an activity from 7-8:30.  Wednesday night, after dinner there was a welcome which was nice- the instructor artists introduced themselves, Teesha and Tracy Moore-our artist hosts, introduced and thanked the "Crew" which did a lot of the logistical help with setting up and transporting and were super helpful and upbeat.
 Let me give a quick applause to them for a well-organized event. I cannot even imagine what it takes to organize classes, tables in rooms, lodging, meals, events in evening, shuttling around the fort for those who needed it, dealing with issues.... I'm really glad they do it and appreciate it.  Looking at other events around the country- I doubt many offer the opportunity for fellowship for artists in addition to quality courses that this one does.
Thursday night-was Iron Chef night where instructors competed with each other to produce a piece of art in 45 minutes out of a basic weird collection of items provided for each of them and anything else of their own. They had to use at least 5 items from the bag given to them.
The goods to work with that each person got- you can't see the BIG bug.
It was a crazy 45 minutes and fun to go around and watch the artists working frantically to come up with their pieces, which were silent auctioned off to provided a scholarship fund for next Artfest. 
Here are some of the artists during the competition and the finished pieces.

Lisa Englebrecht

Jesse Reno

Michelle Allen

Jesse Reno's which was auctioned but didn't follow rules

And this one, too.

Later that night the planned activity was a bonfire journaling night on the beach.  I ran into Lizard at the Iron Chef and spent the evening with her, Donna and their housemates. 

Friday night was vendor night. I allowed myself the rest of my budget to spend on art/supplies as I desired. It was fun to see the artists and their art for sale, other vendors with crafting supplies of a wide variety. Some of my purchases were 3 fat squares of beautiful bird fabric and blue fabric with French letters and postal cancellations, a copper and silver poison ring, a tiny 3x3 canvas by Lisa Bebi, my teacher for Saturday, a cool leather and copper journal, a cute bird pin that I gave to Amy and some stencils of Mary Beth Shaw's.

Coming next- Show and Tell night. Get a look at the other participants class results. I loved this and it helped me identify the kind of class I'd take next time, which would be different from this year.


Lindalou said...

Was there a winner of the Iron Chef competition? I really liked the one by England...forgot her first name in the time it took me to click on comment. Pathetic.

Too tired for a pedicure. Hahaha. Now that is tired.

Yogi said...

wonderful. I'm not so sure I'd ever bid on any of those art pieces though, even the one from Lisa.

And to think I have at least 30 Barbie dolls I could use... Wish I knew what to do with them. Can't imagine giving them away though.