Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's been a busy week of adventure

view from the ferry

on the ferry
I'll work my way forward over the next few days. I had a fabulous time in Seattle and at Artfest in Port Townsend. Let's see, where did I leave off?

I drove to Port Townsend and that required driving onto the ferry for the first time.  I know people do it all the time, but anything like that is a little anxiety producing for me the first time, especially in someone else's car.
I was 4th to the last to get on and my car was at the very back of the vessel- have you seen those movies where cars go off the ferry?

How about this really cool sky during the journey across the sound?

Dont' you love this?
Not the most comfortable but..
My dorm

There was a surprise on top of the closet!
I was heading to Fort Worden, home to Artfest for three days of art workshops.

love the rocky shore and lighthouse
It was a little intimidating to go into a group of 500 artists not knowing anyone.  I've met Donna and Lizard before- you'll remember that they met me in Victoria 5 years ago when I stopped there for 6 hours at the end of a cruise to Alaska.  I did eventually meet back up with them but, not until Friday.

How about this interesting discovery just as I went to bed?   What would be on top of the closet?  Did I dare look? Especially since it was written just above the other comment.  Hummm.  I'll return to that in the next post. Now off to launder and put away a ton-o-stuff.
Glad to travel-glad to return home. 
Life is sweet.


Lindalou said...

What an interesting adventure. Sounds like you had lots of opportunity to be brave and forge ahead.

Really can't wait to hear what was in the top of the closet. Funny graffiti.

Yogi said...

that is a small room and bed, but at least it's your own.

Interesting what you find in cupboards. I guess the cleaning crew didn't do tooooo great a cleaning job.

Nice sky.

I'm so glad you didn't roll off the ferry. BIG GRIN