Sunday, April 24, 2011

Artfest, this may be the end

There was no winner of the Iron Chef, unless you would consider whoever got the most for their art for the scholarship fund.  I don't know who that was, but guessing Jesse was. I saw 105.00 on his.

The last night was show and tell for the participants.  You could display what you did and see others' art, too. I enjoyed it a lot though I might have liked it sorted by class rather than person. Nice to see how different students interpret a class.

I did decide that next time I want to do more finished projects and less technique.  There are lots of books on technique and I want more to take home physically, not just in my brain. :) so courses like the mosaic prayer rug, the monster dolls, silk screen and stitch journal, (which I'm sure wasn't the technical name), lonely hearts  etc, will be my class choice.

you can see the group of photos on my flickr site


Yogi said...

interesting stuff. Yes it's always nice to walk away with something that's more substantial and feels like you accomplished something.

Live and learn, and play a bit...

donna said...

Not sure what's going on here, but can tell you that I like the looks of the monster the second photo.

Maybe if I'd get around to visiting you here on your blog more often, I wouldn't be so out of the loop. It's fun following your travels on're such a busy lady.

Off to take a look at your flickr site.

Happy weekend to you. donna