Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pacific Northwest, part 2 day 1

This is our bouquet-nice, huh
Pike Place Market is a favorite-do not miss-place every time I go to Seattle.  I am envious that people can buy gorgeous flowers for a fraction of what we pay in KY.  Those big bouquets are an affordable $10.00. Small ones, $5.00.
Flowers at the PPM are so breath-taking!

How about these?

Or a nice bouquet?

I am so excited that our farmers market will be approaching full swing when I return. I'm looking forward to seeing Anne, Claire, Charles, Brent and my other farmers that I've missed during winter.

These rows and rows of beautiful produce brought back fond memories of summer and my farmers market posts. I hope they do for you, too!

This makes me smile, rows of lusciousness
A trip here accomplishes a lot on my to-do list.  Market Grill for a grilled Halibut sandwich with cole slaw, my very favorite fish sandwich anywhere.  Their clam chowder is voted best in Seattle, but I'm not much of a shellfish girl.
Grilled Halibut sandwich
Their yummy slaw
Yummmm, check another thing off the list
A and R at the Market Grill
 Check that off the list. I also love Three Girls Bakery's Lemon Ginger cookies with currants. Maybe my favorite cookie.  They had moved to a new location so I happened across the Wall of Gum in my search for sweet goodness. It was absolutely fascinating to imagine all of this chewed gum and all of the people who stood there and put theirs on the wall.  There is a piece of A's somewhere on there. The dripping pieces are especially thought provoking.
dripping chewed gum-fascinating
Amazing, really!

Latte at El Diablo

A at El Diablo (Hipstamatic style)
We topped off the day with a trip to Nordstrom Rack, Queen Anne for a coffee at El Diablo and a stop at Kerry Park for a great view of the city. Home for a rest and out for dinner at Senor Moose where the Esquites  is fantastic.  I could have eaten that appetizer and stopped. Delicious!
El Diablo wall decoration
View from Kerry Park

A and me


Yogi said...

that bouquet of flowers is fabulous. $10 bucks, sheesh. Not over here either.

Love the market pics. That chewing gum wall is sooooo weird. Sheesh

Lindalou said...

Those flowers are so beautiful. Hard not to want to bring them all home.

I want that Halibut sandwich. Sounds wonderful. May have to try and create one.

Your trip looks lovely...even the chewing gum wall. Art can be anything, can't it.

Sue said...

Let's start a gum wall here somewhere!