Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pacific Northwest, day 3

Wow, it rained ALL day and was cold... Yuck.  I had to take some shoes I bought in Texas back and I knew there was a Nordstrom here so I hauled them with me and used this miserably rainy day to revisit downtown. I told my friends at Day's coffee shop that I would take pictures of my new Day's stainless mug at different venues on vacation. So I took some coffee mug shots while downtown, too.
how about this art chair in Macy's window?

cool, eh?

charity benefit-get it?

Here are the places my mug visited Monday.

you know where

had to have another look

love the pig at PPM

These fish shops fascinate me

Piroshky shop

Can't miss this iconic site!

Amy and I went to Fiber Gallery to get wool for our felting adventure. Neither of us had felted and she wanted to give it a try.  Here are our attempts:
Amy's butterfly-in process, and owl

my duckie

Another fun-filled day!


Amy said...

Boy, that owl and the butterfly sure are good looking. I wonder what talented, Crafty McCrafterson made those?

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

You crack me up, Crafty

Yogi said...

wonderful. Those chairs are great. the view from the steps - pretty cool and yes better down than up Sheesh.

The food is too scrumptious.

Have another great day