Friday, April 15, 2011

Artfest, part 1

Welcome back!  Now to the top of the closet- I stood on the bed and my eyes could barely peer over the top. In the far corner was rolled up paper with a tag on it! What could it be? 
It took a little doing but I was finally able to reach it and take a look.
Curious- papers, several held together by a string with a tag.

the tag was added at artfest last year, by the date on it

I thought I was going to bed, but I had to read all this stuff!
It was a wonderful random selection of letters, originally written by the adolescent who wrote the graffiti, and others followed the lead.
I got a little lost with my rusty French

the stash

charming, eh?
I read them all, one from a kid on a retreat with other kids and the antics they were up to and the trouble they got in. Another from a kid who was evidently there for some problems resulting from his being obese. One from a young man who planned to go to sea. And one from an artist, like me.
I wondered, how many read the graffiti? How many took time to look? To read?
I left my addition the night before I left.
Who will find it next, what will they leave if anything? 
I can hardly wait.
My addition

back where I found it.

One thing I planned ahead for after reading about Artfest, was trading with other attendees.  I made these shrinky dink charms with alcohol ink and stazon ink. I also took inchies that I made for the swap and a few atcs.   People brought a wide variety of things from simple ones like inches or baggies of miscellaneous collage items, to hand-made books.  I liked all of them!

Aren't they amazing?

Do you see the chicken nugget?
pins, charms, magnets, post cards

collage materials

moo cards, postcards, business cards

Some of the moo cards were terrific and I'd love to do a moo card trade.  Because I am not a name-noter of artists in magazines I read, there were people there who were quite recognized that I didn't know by name. If I had to guess, I would imagine 50% of the people there make some of their income with their art.  One woman I had lunch with was an editor for an art publishing company, another had just had her book on dollhouses published, others had had their work published. So, it was an interesting mix.
Not being there with anyone allowed me to sit with whomever at meal time. There were a lot of round 6-8 person tables and a lot of 4 person ones. I sat where ever someone else was, sometimes someone I had met before, sometimes not. By doing that I ended up meeting a really nice group of women who did a circle journal during the year and brought them to Artfest.  I'm joining them in the next round.  I think they are all better artists than me but I'll just have to step up my art.

isn't this a sweet charm?

little birdie necklace

Lizard made this beautiful amulet bag, lucky me

pages in the little book trade

Postcards, how clever 
We signed up for the shower, 15 minute time slots, so that each person could have 15 minutes in the shower alone.  It worked out perfectly.  Occasionally, I'd sneak in early if someone finished early.  There were  early risers across the hall from me, so I was up anyway.  I was told of a cool coffee shop on the last art day. I went on my way out of town- next year I'll choose the 6 AM time and go there before my nine am class (next year- can you see I want to go back?)

The coffee shop is called Undertown and IS under the town.  It is a cool place with lots of tables and art on the walls.  They are a bar and restaurant at night.  Loved it!

entry way

cozy place

Coming soon, classes and more.......


Lindalou said...

What an amazing experience you had. So lucky and I love the treasure in the closet. What you added was so very cool.

Don't dismiss your gifts. I think you are so talented. I'd have to pinch myself if I could create like you. Can't wait to hear more.

Yogi said...

what a fabulous start with that treasure roll. Such a simple but neat idea.

Thanks for the wonderful glimpse of Art Fest. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Looking forward to part 2...

Ruby's Girl said...

Wow I am jealous of your trip to artfest. What an experience and maybe one day I will meet you there too. Always enjoy reading your blog . What a bunch of wonderful swapped gifts, yours and the other swappers. You must do a bracelet with all of those charms and if you do I would love to see the photo of it.