Wednesday, April 06, 2011

PNW, day 4

The long way down which I prefer to the even longer way up

Golden Gardens Park

My first ever eagle siting! Can you see him?
I went to Sunset Park again, it was such a nice (but very windy) day.  I walked from there to the entrance at 80th to go down to Golden Garden Park.  Hiked over there where these photos were taken.  I stayed for quite a while. Some men sitting in a truck behind my bench pointed out the eagle they had been watching.  Fun!  I thought I saw one flying but didn't see it again-must have been this one that found a nice perch.

Hiked up and out of the park and back to the car for a trip down the hill to Ballard, home of many of my Seattle favorites- First stop-Venue, an art and craft shop. Enjoyed looking at their felted crafts for sale.
some small books with paper cutouts

felted animals for sale
Then across the street to Miro Tea- love the apple basil panini and some peach tea. Did a little reading in Sophie's World.

Then on to my favorite cupcake place- Cupcake Royale- no visit to Seattle is complete without a visit and a cupcake or two.  I had two-yesterday.  One after lunch and one after going to a musical.

Mug hung out with the cupcakes

They come in a nice bag

from top left: Red Velvet,  White with lavender icing,
lower left:  white with chocolate icing and cupcake of the month:
Coconut Cream Lime.
All very tasty!
Not shown, the salted caramel which ate after lunch.  It was the richest- I could have done with a half, but who can stop?

Another stop to get more roving to take home and then back to A and R's.  A and I went to Lola for a drink and light supper. Another favorite place. The lamb ravioli was delicious.


haloumi fig kabob

lamb ravioli
We then headed to see 9-5 The Musical which was entertaining. Then a sketchy ride home on the bus on a cold and windy night.


Lindalou said...

What a lovely trip you are having. So how does lavender frosting taste. I've wanted to make lavender ice cream ever since seeing "It's Complicated".

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

It tastes wonderful! It is my favorite when I'm in town!