Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pacific Northwest, day 2

Boy it doesn't take long for me to get behind!  Here it is day three and I haven't blogged about day two yet.  This is an all day rainy day, so not as much going on here with me so I will catch up!
The best croissants ever 

Onion Gruyere
I used to walk to Cafe Besalu from A and R's previous place, but now it is three+ miles so I drove over Sunday morning for our usual Sunday morning treat of Onion Gruyere croissants. They are so good and flakey. This was the first time I had been that I didn't have to stand outside and wait to get in.  I still had a line of 10 or so but I was indoors, which on a chilly April morning was welcome. I was a little nervous when I didn't see any in the display case but, they were just coming out of the oven-lucky me!
View of the creation area. I love Ranunculus to I had to have a picture of these gorgeous yellow ones.

The view from Sunset Park

I took my latte and went to Sunset Park another favorite location in Seattle with a fab view.I think I'd want this sweet blue house right next to the park with a great view of the boat harbor. Sweet. You can see the Olympics on a clear day.
The front of my house ( wouldn't it be nice??)
The view from the back of the house I'd buy
 Sunday was garden planning and mostly plant shopping, the fun part of garden planning.  I love a little shop at the U Village and that was our first stop, which also meant a stop in my favorite rubber stamp store, Impress. Where I used great restraint and bought one stamp and some baker string.

Too bad Amy was hungry, we had to have one of these frozen yogurts- I had white peach with dark chocolate chips and mango. Yummm.

I hadn't been to Trophy Cupcakes-my favorite cupcakes are from Cupcake Royale.  I ventured in for a look, but didn't buy. I still am going with Cupcake Royale.  I am picky about the cake to icing ratio.  I like more cake than icing. These, seemed to go the other way. But, pretty.

Next stop- Swanson's for plants....
Love the green chair

These are so sweet, aren't they?
I forgot to take a picture of the haul- coming soon!
Last stop was PCC grocery, with a cart full of herbs, and delicious food.  We ended the day with a meal to remember made by Rachel with my addition of the cooked Romaine, which was a hit, and watching the movie Cyrus.

A busy but, really fun day!

A hint of things to come?  Craft time and it involves wool and sharp things. Ideas?


Ruby's Girl said...

Felting? I hope so... I love doing that myself. Enjoy your stay in Seattle, love that city. Lots of rain this time of the year though but the colours of spring are so wonderful. Enjoying reading about your stay with your family. All of the food pictures are making me hungry. I need a cupcake I think ; )

Yogi said...

fabulous. That gruyere thing looks scrumptious (not quite croisant since the shape isn't a crescent shape...) but looking deliciously french anyway. Big grin

I'll take the house if it's looking over the water, but I'm starting to want a house all on one floor.