Friday, August 06, 2010

ARt Friday

I made a 5x5 canvas collage using elements of the class I'm taking with Claudine Hellmuth online.  I used dictionary paper and scrapbook paper, applied matte medium, and then on one, used the reverse stamping technique (see previous post) and on the other the faux paste paper. When dried, I used my 1" punch and made a bunch of circles. On another piece of scrapbook paper with script, I used a light tint of acrylic and Extra Time using the punch again. I saved the dictionary scraps to use on the side of the canvas.
I used matte medium to adhere patterned paper to the canvas and added the circles. I printed the bird on transparency and cut out. When everything was dry, I applied a bit of gesso to the middle of the canvas to dull the grid and give the bird a little pop. Adhered the bird with matte medium.  I painted the sides and used the scrap dictionary paper from the circle punches and applied with matte medium.  It's on my bedroom wall. My first collage canvas. Fun!


Yogi said...

very nice.

So how does an online class work?? Is it just written stuff/info that she gives you as if you were reading a book. Or are you chatting online or is there a video?? Very curious.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

There are three video techniques, you can watch, download the audio and slides, there is a periodic live chat, two per month, a message board chit chat and a section to ask her questions, gallery for students to share their work, archives of the previous weeks, a place to contact her, and she send 3 emails a week about various things. One this week was how she begins to do her custom work, her studio organization, etc...I'm pretty happy with the format. It is as detailed as one could probably get online. I can't remember exactly what I paid but there are 12 weeks and it was maybe 79.00?