Tuesday, August 03, 2010

More Techniques Play-Faux Paste Paper and Reverse Stamping

I still love the faux batik best, but these were fun, too.
The first is a faux paste paper technique using glossy cardstock, acrylic paint, roller, comb or other tool for making marks and patterns, and Extra Time (Claudine Hellmuth).
I put about a 3:1 ratio ET to paint on craft mat and rolled it out to mix. I rolled that onto the glossy cardstock and swirled a hair color applicator that I knew I'd used for art sometime. I think that I would like something with the prongs closer together for most applications, but this got the point across. It is easier that the paste paper I made a couple of years ago and it has a little texture to it like paste paper has due to the consistency of the Extra Time.
Next was Extra Time Reverse Stamping- a nice, subtle look. I applied the same mix of ET and paint rolled out to mix and rolled onto the glossy cardstock. Immediately I spritzed my stamp with water and stamped into the paint to lift paint off in the pattern of the stamp. I swiped it on paper towel I had at the ready and repeated until the paper was completely done. I really liked this technique and can see using it frequently.


Wanda H said...

Very cool!!!

Yogi said...

very nice. Love the circle patterned stamp with it.