Friday, August 27, 2010

A journey I've longed to take

I've drooled over Artfest courses for years. Mostly when someone talked about going and it was way too late to even consider it.  It is a big investment of time and resources, which I usually have chosen to spend on something else. But, every year I'd look though the long, lovely list of course offering and pick the ones I would have taken if I had gone.
I've been to Fort Worden in Port Townsend with A and R. Port Townsend is a great town, on the water and pretty arty. The white and green buildings are very quaint and memorable.
This year I happened across the Artfest info BEFORE registration time, but with long enough to consider it carefully. I decided to go! I'll combine it with a visit with A and R before and after  and lucky me, it is during spring break when I was off some of my work anyway.
I mailed my registration form yesterday in this envelope. Who can send a boring envelope to register for an art weekend?
Each day is one 6 hour workshop.  I had to make three choices for each day. I would be happy with any I get of the ones I chose. I really had a hard time ordering the choices on day one especially. I would be equally happy with my first and second choice. But, decided I could do the second one on my own more easily and would learn more from the first choice.
I don't know if I'll have a room mate or not and most certainly won't know them if I do, so this is an adventure on many levels. I will have a car (A and R's) so I like that freedom.
Here's a list of the workshops. Keep in mind that I chose things that utilized craft items I am already invested in (though I had to use some restraint there). Wanna guess what I chose?  I'll put the answers down a bit.
What would you choose? I'd love to hear!

My choices day 1:
Lush Layered Canvas
Prayer Flags
Spontaneous Deconstructed journals? I already forgot number 3.

Day 2:
Big Time Book
Journal Mapping
Fabric Paint party

Day 3:
Over-saturated Polaroid
Journal Babies
Wood Collage Totem

I can't wait!!


Yogi said...

oh they all sound great. I've just spent over an hour checking out all the classes.
Hope you get in to Lisa's class, she's fabulous.

That Big Time Book looks great, a beautifully colorful book he's showing. It's an open spine book, the first one I was taught and got me started on my book binding adventure. Love all the flaps and fold outs in the book. That's a heck of a lot of 140# paper. not a cheap book.

That Poloroid class looks very interesting. Will want to pick your brain if you take it.

Mary Beth Shaw's Painting without fear & texture on texture classes look great. There were a couple polymer clay classes I would have liked to take.

well I really hope you get the choices you want.

Therese said...

OH my god! Like I would be able to decide! It must have been really hard to just pick a few!!
I know you will enjoy your time there!! Life is an adventure!!


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I was tempted by the polymer clay, but I have found the arthritis in my hand makes it hard for me to knead the clay, so I passed on those. :(
I'm trusting the fates will pick just the right class for me. It was hard to decide!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your helpful Post, I hope you have a good day!. :)

Anonymous said...
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