Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday! Yum...

It is another sweltering day in Louisville.  I can't remember a more miserable summer weather-wise.
But, nothing keeps us from the market, except for maybe tornado or torrential rain. We did have that one hurricane a couple of years ago....
We didn't need a lot of food this week but I did want to grab a dozen ears of corn for 5 bucks and freeze for soup this winter. Three peaches in the $1/# bin, and it was a good week for Cherokee purple tomatoes so a few of those and one Mr. Stripey, which looks like lunch tomorrow.
I have 7 tomatoes on my Mortgage Lifter plant, I'm thinking of picking green so as not to loose them to the critters around here.
I missed tuberose again so maybe next week. I love their sweet smell. I went with sunflowers again, this time with dark centers. I'm trying to welcome fall :)
My friend David, is a cherry pie fan and has wanted a farmers market pie for a couple of years. He works Saturday mornings so usually doesn't get to the market. I told his wife I'd pick one up today. We are going to their house tonight for a celebration of a family wedding.
Breakfast was at Fleur de Lis, scrambled eggs, bacon and whole wheat pancakes, I needed the AC.

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Yogi said...

mmm that looks like a yum pie. Maybe I should head out tot he market today.

Love the sunflower
Have a nice evening with friends.