Saturday, August 21, 2010


Our friend, David, offered to fix my hanging guy with his newly developed welding skills!  He and his wife, Diane, took a tour of the back yard this summer and the-tall enough to wave in the wind-wire he hangs on was bare. I explained that he had lost an arm and was inside awaiting repair. So, David offered to repair him last week.
And voila! He just rang the doorbell with him. He looks great! He has a shiny silver bicep now and a silver tattoo on his rear end which will all re-rust soon enough. I went out back immediately to return him to his hanging spot. I snapped a few other pics of our horribly overgrown backyard. Truthfully, it has just been too hot for me to be pruning, but with fall approaching I will get the jungle back in hand. The wisteria has gone crazy along with this pear tomato plant. Look at those yummy Mortgage Lifters which should ripen soon! This will probably be near the end of the basil. Doesn't the lariope look so good down the fence?


Lindalou said...

How nice that you got that guy fixed. It's a very interesting garden ornament. It must make for interesting conversation.

I'm with you on the too hot to do anything outside. Even up north's just been too darn hot. (sounds like a song.)

Yogi said...

That was so nice of your neighbor. Looks like an interesting ornament.

It will be winter soon enough!! so I don't mind the heat.

Amy said...

So sweet (and typical!) of David...your yard looks great!