Saturday, August 28, 2010

To market we go...

Yummy, yummy, yummy!  Another great day at the farmers market!  It was pleasant outside and the market brought a hint that fall is coming with the wide variety and abundance of apples! One of my favorites.  There were some varieties that I was not familiar with so I picked up a couple of those, too. The green ones are honey crisp (hard, crunchy and mildly sweet)
The yellow with red are gala (small, sweet, semi hard).
The small red are the Akane-I've never tried these.
The green with a hint of red on the top side is the Dixie Red another never tried variety.
I was in a pepper mood, I must make egg muffins, why do I keep procrastinating???
I bought the small cucumbers for Jim and the woman who sells the peppers and cucumbers, offered a free eggplant! Grilled eggplant here I come!
How about that cute little pear shaped tomato?  It is a Japanese Black Truffle- similar in taste to the Cherokee Purple that I love so much. Never tried it before but got it from the organic farmer who had the only Cherokee Purple's this week. Corn is scarce so I guess it is grocery corn this week.
See my Kenny's Cumin Seed Gouda hiding by the vase?  Put that on a thin slice of apple and you have some really good eatin'.
The bottom tomatoes are my final Mortgage Lifters. I've been so pleased to have produced as many tomatoes as I have- a record for me. I'll pull the plant out today.  It is done.
Below is a picture of the FM haul taken with my new Hipstamatic app. Don't you love the effect? I've been taking pictures of everything with it. So cool.

vintage shot

I'll leave you with yet another shot of those fantastic morning glory. It looks like a light is shining out through the middle. They are hurt your eyes blue/violet with electric centers. I love, love love them!

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Yogi said...

what a great haul. that vintage shot is another beauty. It's raining and chilly here, so I'm not off to the market today. I'll hibernate in my art room.