Sunday, August 29, 2010

325th post and a prize!

Can you believe it?  First, the post- my first hummingbirds!  Jim saw hummers at the hummingbird feeder last night. I hung it up in May, but never saw a bird. So I didn't maintain the solution in it. Last night there was only rain water. So, I added hummer food last night and re-hung it.
Ah, the reward! They are the cutest things and are flying all over the yard. They love one of my trees and my neighbor's Crepe Myrtle, which is a lovely fuchsia. The feeder is 6 ft from my back door hanging from an awning. Sweet.
Now for the prize. I was going through some art/scrapbooking stuff and decided to give away a small stash of stuff. To win it, leave a comment by next Sunday and I'll draw for the loot. Some you may want, some not, give it away, throw it away, keep it, whatever. I love getting stuff, I'm sure some of you will have wonderful ideas for it!
Among the stash is a set of new calligraphy markers, some stickers, architecture "knockers", napkins from my collection, vintage valentines, vintage pattern, vintage buttons, pack of collage paper, pack of shipping tags, number stamps, etc...
Make sure I have some way to contact you, but also check back next week to see if you are the winner!

Good luck!


Yogi said...

Those hummingbirds are so cute. Nice feeder too.
Congrats on your 325th post. Where does the time go eh!!

Well I have no objection to winning some stash BIG GRIN

Do you want me to post the goodies pic on my blog?? or is it for a more personal audience??

Sally Taylor said...

I'm so jealous Beth, I only get common or garden birds on my feeders!
Congratulations on 325 posts.


okanagan_spirit said...

I love your feeder and the hummingbirds. 325 is a nice number and I'm sure you'll get past that before long. Looks like a great stash, just send it my way and I'll be very happy seeing what I can create.

Wanda H said...

I love hummingbirds!!!! We saw one by our front window just the other day so now I want to get a feeder. It would just be so cool to watch them. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!!!!

Robyn said...

Love those birds. Hey, I'm a Robyn.
Your trash my stash!
Congrats on 325

Mary-Beth said...

Beth, Congrats on 325 and a Happy many more!!!
How lucky you are to have hummers, I've never seen them in our area, but them maybe they don't come this far north?? lol
Love to have a chance at your wonderful giveaway, so generous of you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 325th!

Love to find some of your stash in my mail box.

Anne A.
North Saaanich BC

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have hummingbirds! I'm almost certain we don't get them this far north, and if we did they'd be long gone by now with the cold nights we've been having - my garden froze this week! Carolyn A.

Sandie R said...

Great Hummer pics. They are such cute little birds to watch. We get them here in the interior of BC (CAN).
Looks like some very interesting stuff in your stash giveaway. Congratulations on your 325th post and as others have said I'm sure I could make use of what you are parting with. Sandie R. fom Byhand group

donna said...

Good morning Miss Artcricket2. Boy, have I missed visiting your blog. Not sure when my life will ever get back to normal....whatever normal is.

Funny that this post mentions hummingbirds. They've been crazy plentiful at my feeders this summer and that has been one of the bright spots in my life these last two months. I have those cheap plastic ones that attach to the window with a suction cup. The hummers love them and I get to see the action up close.

I hope I win your "stuff"....I've been longing for some architecture knockers. What the heck are they? The vintage valentines and anything made by you would thrill me.

Nice post. Warm hugs, donna

Anonymous said...
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