Saturday, August 21, 2010

A wet market trip!

You should see me now! A drowned rat, I am.  We started out to get coffee at Day's and decided while the rain had stopped to head to the market. Huge down pour! I probably would have gotten a few more things if it hadn't been pouring.  I forgot tomatoes and we used the last one last night. :(
But, I did get tuberose-finally! I have three stems around the house and the whole house smells sweet and wonderful!
It was a big protein week, three packages of bison in various forms, a cut-up chicken and a whole one.
How about this beauty of an eggplant? It's for Mom. Yellow squash on the grill was so good last week, more this week, too. Because it was raining, Jim and I split up to get things quicker, and we both ended up with potatoes! I bought sweet potatoes, too. I am trying to add them to my palate, though I don't really like them much. I'm going to try baked sweet potato fries this week.
Photos are never as good on a cloudy day. No natural light in the kitchen. Boo.


Yogi said...

that flower looks unusual. Don't think Ive seen one of those. Love the eggplant. Bummer your market day was raining, but I think that's the first time this year, that you mentioned that.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Yogi-tuberose is so incredibly sweet, but a nice sweet to me. I don't like lily so much but I do like lily of the valley-more like that. I think it is used in perfumery quite a bit.