Friday, July 31, 2009

100 mile potluck

Finally getting around to pictures of the 100 Mile Potluck we went to Sunday, Ezra in tow. I can't tell you how good the food was. I ate more than I should have. The second dessert did me in, but it was worth being miserable, bread pudding AND a mixed fruit pie!
There was a bigger crowd than anticipated. What a nice problem to have. They had about 12-15 round tables inside and 3 long tables under tents outside along with a circle of chairs outside for overflow to eat on their laps. They were filled to capacity!
Ezra was a last minute addition to our dining party, and always a fun one. This is his way of waiting in line, lying down on each pew along the snaking line for supper.
He wasn't hungry, but decided these muffins and cantaloupe looked too good to pass up.
This is my plate of grub, a few pics of the crowd. Should have taken a pic of the food tables but, I had Ezra to entertain and forgot. There was music, a few speakers (who need to remember at an event like this, shorter is better, most people are conversing and eating-a couple of minutes instead of 7-10 would be best). There were drawings for door prizes,too, which we didn't stay for.
As I said in an earlier post I think, this was to be a celebration of homegrown food and the dishes needed to contain at least one locally grown item. There were lots of tomatoes, corn, squash and fruit. I couldn't really say what my favorite was but, I always enjoyed layered tomato, basil and salt and pepper. Simple, I know.
I think our watermelon gazpacho was a hit. It was almost all gone. We were the only ones to bring a soup! I had to ask for bowls.

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Sue said...

I've been dying to hear a report! Sounds wonderful. I'd like the recipe for your gazpacho please!