Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hooray for Saturday!

Mid-60s, low humidity, cloudy, you'd think it was an early October day in Kentucky. Jim wore a jacket to the market (reading the paper on the deck, here)and I wore long pants and a sweater. Who'd have believed that? It is usually so miserable here I can hardly enjoy myself at the market. We took our time and savored every delicious minute.
And what a haul I had today. It took both of us to carry it, though it isn't all for us. A good bit is heading to my mom's.

Let's look a little more closely from left to right. How about some more Zinnias? My Tuesday ones are still beautiful so these go up in the bedroom. My "L" flowers, the purple ones, remember? I recut and are still luscious! Cantaloupe-I can't wait to cut it. I didn't even ask what kind of corn it was this week at Happy Jack's- I'm sure it will be good whatever it is. Another loaf of Theresa's bread for bruschetta today or tomorrow. The lettuce was a nice surprise, I wasn't expecting any today.

We got a whopper of a cabbage today for two bucks. I cut some off to take to Mom. The three tomatoes and green beans are hers, I still have both I need to eat today probably. There's some more purple onions, peaches, and okra (I got two purple ones to try and I'm dividing the okra with my mom, too). Jim makes a good tomato and okra rice. Yummy.

The carrots are for us, Mom thinks Kentucky grown carrots taste like dirt. I love them. I put two in her bag for her to see if her "taste buds have matured". She always said that when ever I said I didn't like the taste of something.
Another block of Cumin Gouda from Kenny's Cheese.
The green pepper and eggplant are heading to Mom's. Jim is not a big fan of eggplant and since he IS the cook.........

We had omelets today, veggies and bison sausage with goat cheese and basil. That and a cup of Highland's Coffee sitting watching the crowd enjoy the day. I didn't take my phone today to take pics while there so no omelet photos and I missed a great one of a cute little 2 year old girl, in striped leggings with a tutu over them, just dancing away to the kazoo-playing guitarist's music. Ah, the uninhibited exuberance of children. I wanted to go fling my arms up in the air and twirl around and jump up and down with her. I did in my head.

These last three are just for fun. The seeds are coriander from my dried up cilantro plant. I thought the carrot tops were a beautiful sight, I couldn't resist a photo. And then I thought about the cauliflower dye I used for some atc backgrounds. Hummmm, what would stamped carrots look like added to those, continuing with my vegetable theme. Here is the result. Who knows what these little atcs will become over time and what other vegetable may find its way onto them.

Hope your Saturday was a great as mine has been! If you're just a farmer's market follower, I'll see ya next week.


Anonymous said...

Beth, Always love your blog but lately with your pictures of your food you buy at the "market" loving it even more. My only wish is that I lived closer and I would invite myself over for a feast. Love the photos and now you need to post some recipes too. Some of us look at eggplant and go ???? What do I do with that now???

Judy in Penticton

Yogi said...

Another batch of glorious pics. Love eggplant in Moussaka - Greek layered, potatoes, eggplant, meat mixture, feta cheese, the same layers again and then a topping of Bechamel sauce and baked in the oven. I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it. I usually bake in the oven or on the BBQ the potato and eggplant slices rather than frying them which I used to do. I ate the last that I had frozen a couple weeks ago... so you want to send over that beauty. BIG GRIN.

donna said...

What a good picture of Jim. He looks so mellow and relaxed. Nice to have a cool weather break in the middle of a hot summer, recharges a person's battery. When I start eating bruschetta, I can't stop. Love the story about your mom and those Kentucky grown carrots and it's sweet that you take fresh produce to her. Cute that you noticed the little girl in striped leggings and a tutu. When we were at the airport Monday, I saw a boy about 10 reading a Field & Stream magazine and wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. Seemed an unusual combo. Your carrot art is quite impressive. PS: You might be on your way to becoming a produce addict....and that would be a good thing.