Friday, July 24, 2009

A little weekend art

Can you tell I'm finished writing my HIV course? It has consumed me recently and I am definitely taking today off, though, I did have to go to the dentist.
I was inspired by Yogi's post about Ecoline ink, which I don't have but I adapted it a bit for supplies I did have and came up with this. I'm crazy about it!
I must admit I am better at backgrounds than doing anything with them. I'd be happy just to leave them alone and enjoy as is. But, I'll embellish somehow for the tea themed atc swap this month.
I took white cardstock and wrote with a white china marker on it. I practiced my Laurie Doctor technique of not lifting the marker while writing across the page, Though I did write some one way and some another because I knew I would be cutting into atc sized pieces. I used Twinkling H2O in Burnt Umber, Ginger Peach and Poppy Red. I got the brush pretty wet and rubbed a lot of paint on it, dipped it again in a dab of water and washed over the writing which resisted the paint. I dabbed and splattered a bit, too. I really like the results and want to try it again with different writing and colors. It's too bad the scanner doesn't pick up the metallic areas on the paper. It's much prettier than it scans.


donna said...

Burnt Amber, Ginger Peach, Poppy Red.....very pretty colors for both your atc and a garden of flowers. Nice.

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Beautiful. I like how you had your tea swap in mind when you wrote the script letters.

Yogi said...

Love the colors. It turned out really nice. Yeah a shame about not being able to scan the shimmer. But I know it's there. BIG GRIN