Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Tuesday market

I went to the Tuesday Phoenix Hill Farmer's market. Mostly, to see my friend Sue, but also to get a few things we didn't get Saturday. I hadn't been to this market before. It's much smaller than ours, probably 7-8 vendors and some good music. Some interesting offerings not found at our, too! These green beans were beautiful and so was the squash. I got both from the woman who also had the Zinnias.

Sue maintains the blog for Phoenix Hill market and I had the added treat of seeing her daughters, Shameka and Kendra. I've known them since they were little and came to live with Sue and Shawn. A few years ago, Sue and Shawn were able to adopt them. They are a wonderful family and didn't need the state to pronounce them that, but it does insure the girls of some benefits they wouldn't have had without the formal adoption. Shameka is headed to college next month and Kendra will be a senior this fall.

Aren't these beautiful? I never tire of Zinnias. I have a hard time picking them out because there are so many little variations in them and the colors are all so great!

How about this granola! I had a sample and it came highly recommended by Sue so this bag came home with me. I ate a little for some energy on the way to Jazzercize.

These little jewels are chocolate dimples. Who can't like something with a name like that and as my friend pointed out, they come ready to go in a cute box, too. Sue had bought some and so graciously offered one to me. Yummy chocolate, made with butter, and a delicious raspberry filling on top. I have always been a sucker for anything chocolate and raspberry. A wonderful combo.

Sure was a great way to spend an hour on a pretty July day.


Sue said...

It was sure great to have you there! Tell me what you do with yellow squash- I have a ton right now and in pursuit of a good easy recipe for a crowd. About to hit up the Veggie Venture site, sacred text when you cook for vegetarians!

Yogi said...

Those zinnias are gorgeous. Love those vibrant colors.