Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hoping you are finding some way to celebrate today. While I am not particularly over the top patriotic, I do appreciate the fact that I live differently from the vast majority of the world. And I appreciate the freedoms I have greatly, mostly free speech and religious freedom. I have done short term mission work in developing countries and seen first hand their poverty and political unrest.
My father was a veteran of WWII, enlisting when he was just 17. He served in the Navy on a support ship in Italy. Like many other WWII vets, he rarely talked of his time during the war.
My niece's husband leaves for Afghanistan next month for a year. Their first baby is due the first of August. We are all hoping for him to have a bit of time to enjoy his son prior to his deployment. I'm sure being essentially a single mom the first year will have its challenges.
These flags were flying among the petunias at Churchill Downs yesterday. Yes, we went again, our last visit of the spring meet and a record 4th time.

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donna said...

I've been so short on computer time lately and I have so much to say about all of your recent posts. I will catch up, I promise. My father has only in recent years talked about his war experiences. Keep us updated on your niece's husband and the new baby that's expected. The flags and petunias together made for an amazing photo.