Saturday, July 11, 2009

You know what Saturday is............

Today is a hot, but thankfully, cloudy day. If the sun were out it would be sweltering. We ambled down to the market today and I realized I rarely post a picture OF the market so I climbed a little knoll in front of the Deer Park Presbyterian Church for this photo. Dogs are not allowed this year, so there are usually a few with owners in tow, on the fringes of the market.

Here's my stash for the day. A lovely mix of color it is! I always like posing my finds and revisiting what I got today.

Here is a picture of my sticky bun (I like the one without pecans, which doesn't seem to be as popular). I've got to stop eating these. Behind it is white corn, probably Silver Queen, but I didn't ask. Our peaches and cream was fair last week but not as good as what we got from Happy Jack's the week before so I returned to him. Peaches were yellow this week and not as big as last weeks yellow ones, so I'm anxious to give these a try. I got that pretty bourbon-soaked, leaf wrapped goat cheese to take to the Kissel's farm where we are going for a swim and cookout today.

I got a few new things today, the lemon cucumbers, which I think is their name. That are wonderful on a salad. The skin is soft and doesn't need to be peeled. They will be on the salad along with blueberries, maybe mandarin oranges, almonds and a lime and lemon thyme vinaigrette I like to make and will also head to the farm. The blackberries looked fabulous!

The tomatoes are Peach (little yellow ones), Pink Girl (small pinkish red in front) and Cherokee Purple. All heirlooms, which is all I buy in the summer and worth every penny I pay for them. And a little peek of last weeks Sweet William.

A cucumber for sandwiches later this week, the purple carrots that are out of this world. He says he could pick until he couldn't pick any more and he would always sell out! And the flowers of the week, something that starts will an "L" that I don't remember, but they sure are pretty, huh? They got a compliment from the owner of Sweet and Savory (my future business, she doesn't know it yet....)where we had breakfast again. I must get to the bank for more cash before Saturday. We run out before we get our omelets. Next week for sure. Yummm, I can taste the sweet beets in that omelet already!


Yogi said...

Nice load. Interesting the you know the names to all these things.

donna said...

Do NOT stop eating sticky buns. Life is too short to deny yourself a sweet treat on Saturdays. The blackberries especially appeal to me as I read this post. I think I'd like my Saturday mornings to be exactly like the ones you and Jim have been experiencing lately. Happy eating. Going to be out of town for a few days but I'll catch up on any posts I miss.

Sue said...

Lisianthus- one of my favorites! You made a great haul and I'm hoping to have many of those choices at my market on Tuesday. If you are ever around town on a Thursday afternoon, the Gray Street market is a wonderful mid-week market too. Lots of Amish vendors, Farm to Fork has sandwiches and quiches, there's a guy who does wood stuff including wood grilling planks, someone with essential oil blends, and tons of produce. The Capriole folks are there, but so far have only brought the most basic cheese. I look forward to your report each week a lot!

Lindalou said...

On our walk this morning, we found wild blackberries. They were delicious.

I love all your beautiful produce and flower photos. They look like art themselves.