Saturday, July 04, 2009

Yes, and it's a farmer's market day, too!

Jim and I made our way to the market on this incredibly pleasant 4th of July morning. We've been blessed with moderate temperatures and low humidity this week.
We slept later than usual and missed blueberries from my favorite vendor and tomato pie, again. The bread I like to use to make bruschetta was also gone, but I have a half loaf still to use. Another very sad week for cut flowers, too, though they they are planning to finish the season with a bang! I did find some blueberries from Huber's for my blueberry "fix". See the gooseneck loosestrife from two weeks ago?

I did get four ears of peaches and cream corn, and another bunch of that celery we've loved. I think there is a pot of vegetable soup in my future according to Jim, our resident chef. I think some of the greens of it will be great in the soup and I'll use the rest to add to salad.
This was the first week for local peaches, I got one BIG yellow one and several white ones. They were sweet as sugar and so delicate we couldn't get them home with out a few bruises.
There was a small purple cauliflower, just enough for the two of us, that I snagged along with some baby russet and French fingerling potatoes. We, also, got a 1/4 pound oyster mushrooms from a "new to the market" vendor. He fried them, we're having them in the soup.
And oh, what joy! My first Cherokee Purple tomato siting of the year! Promise of good things to come. These will ripen for a few days more before slicing and a little pepper makes my mouth sing!

Now for the plants,

I couldn't pass up this Puerto Rican oregano. I'm hoping to over-winter it for next year. They haven't grown it before and don't know about its performance. It has velvety, fat leaves more like a succulent and smells so good. I'm hoping my friend, Donna, knows more about it. If you want to see some beautiful plants in a yard, head over to her blog.
I also added this little hosta beauty to my garden. I forgot to ask the name, but will next week. Hope she knows it. I'm trying to label all of my hosta.
Lastly, six little stems of Sweet William (I have two sweet Williams in my family, William Eric and William Ezra). Three red for the bedroom and three pink-purple for the guest bedroom.
We grabbed buffalo(ground, stew meat and brats) and headed to Sweet and Savory, my future place of business (remember?)

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donna said...

My dil and I planted some oregano in a container at her house. It's not Puerto Rican and it's not gorgeous like your photo. I've heard Faye mention peaches and cream corn and the only white peaches I've eaten were purchased at Sam's Club. Cute story about the two Sweet Williams in your family. Didn't know Ezra was a William.