Saturday, July 24, 2010

And a blistering farmers market day it is!

It is sweltering in the Ohio River Valley today. Expecting temp of 99 with it feeling like 105+ with humidity. There was no eating an omelet outside today! We went to Fleur de Lis for scrambled eggs, bacon and whole wheat pancakes, I bought 1/2 home for a snack. :)
You can tell we needed animal protein this week: ground buffalo for stuffed peppers and stuffed 8-ball zucchini (the little round ones, aren't they cute?), buffalo brats, whole and cut-up chicken. Yum!
These apples looked really good, I'll report back when I try one- forgot the variety (I'm bad about that). The little red potatoes have been so tasty! Two yellow squash for us and sending three to Mom along with the eggplant, tomato and an apple. I tried the peaches from Indiana today. My ones last week rotted very quickly, some the next day.
Guess that is about it for the market today. Talked with Ann from Kenny's Cheese- she had cumin seed gouda but we were late getting there and it was gone. We missed almost all of the flowers, too, though my sunflowers still look fantastic!


donna said...

It's nice to be visiting the Farmer's Market with you today, even though it's only through your blog. Would be fun to do together, in person. I've never before heard of 8-ball zucchini. I have a few veggies growing in containers in the backyard...cucumbers, sweet peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes and pumpkins. Some of it successful and some of it not.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I'd love for you to come for a visit! We'd have such fun!

Yogi said...

looks like a nice haul at the market again. Bummer about your cheese and stuff.

I'm off to our annual Salsa Festival. I'll be demoing calligraphy bookmarks.