Friday, July 16, 2010

This is when I wish I had more readers

I love reaching out to my family and a few friends to share my life, art and trips to the farmers market, but every now and then, you want to get the word out to help a person reach a worthwhile goal.
My friend, Sue, who stays up into the wee hours for some "me" time to surf the web, finds the coolest stuff. I've said it before.
Today was no different, and yet-different. This is a nice read, a cool cause and a wonderful piece of art. The best kind of art-from the heart and touching others. Head over to littlebitfunky to enjoy the story and go buy a net, I'd buy one even if there wasn't a beautiful piece of art love to win!


Lindalou said...

I just found this yesterday and donated. So cool of you to blog about it. What a great idea and what a wonderful quilt.

Richey Belonger said...

How wonderful!