Saturday, July 10, 2010

Market Day

Another summer day at the market.  It has cooled down a bit (only 90 today) after a rainy day yesterday bringing a cool front through. Some how I have trouble associating "cool" and "90".
I couldn't pass up the carrots, these were the last of the day. The corn is on tonight's menu with Mother's Sticky Chicken. Mom wanted tomatoes, eggplant, and yellow squash. I'll pass along a couple of apples, too. The apples I like because they are small. Neither sweet nor tart but very crunchy which is what I like along with some cumin gouda that I have been saving since it is a rare commodity these days. There were lots of flowers today, black-eyed Susan, zennia, statice, and these that start with an "l" who's name I never remember. There were some lovely pink pastel ones, too. I don't usually like pastel flowers but I thought these pretty lavender looked good with the purple and white for a change. On my second cup of iced coffee and reading the paper now.......

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Yogi said...

nice haul and beautiful flowers. I also can't think of the name for them.