Saturday, July 17, 2010

Market Day!

I had a great time at the market today. Yummy omelet made by Brent, the middle school teacher who is in training for a triathlon. Yippee for sunflowers, aren't they just spectacular?  Corn-a bi-color variety, red potatoes for green bean potato salad-you know it is a favorite of mine, a jalapeno because I hear we all need to be eating more of them. I found a jicima recipe that calls for one. I think I'll make squash casserole tonight to go with the chicken breasts from last week.  I love getting #2 tomatoes for half price. These look good to me! Speaking of tomatoes, I was going to pick two more off the Mortgage Lifter plant and ugh-a critter got to them first! I wish they would just eat the whole thing!  I think we have a raccoon, something has been in the pond most nights and leaving foot prints.
Don't these blueberries look great?  I'll probably freeze some of them.
The peaches have been great! I'm eating 1 or 2 a day. Needed some garlic, too, figured I'd try the market offering.
Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of the market today, too!
Have a great weekend!


Lindalou said...

Another wonderful day at the market. You always get some great stuff. Love the close up photo of the sunflower. It's frameable. (I don't thin that's a word.)

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Thanks for coming by and for the nice compliment!

Yogi said...

looks like a great market day. I went yesterday as well to pick up some Mission Figs - my favorite variety. Then couldn't resist a couple pieces of cake from the Euro Bakery.
Those sunflowers look gorgeous - I'd love to paint them, especially the full shot one. But the one in the vase looks great too.

Al the food pics look yummy. A bummer about your little tomatoes. I guess you need a scree around them or something.

Keep the pics coming I so enjoy them.