Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art Sunday

I was able to do a little creating today. Continuing with what I'm learning in Claudine Hellmuth's class, the first was embossing sticky back canvas. I used a Cuttlebug Asian embossing plate and ran the sticky back canvas through it. Took Folk Art acrylic paint and added an equal amount of Extra Time with my blending tool and applied in gentle swirls. I like the effect. When I peeled the backing off the canvas I liked the pattern in it and hated to throw it away. I thought I might be able to do something with the shiny side so I got out my alcohol inks, but they just bubbled up. But, I went ahead and applied it to the other side of the backing and came up with this. I liked it too! I'll use it for an atc.

Next, I printed a black and white image on glossy inkjet paper and added color with Extra Time blended with yellow, brown and the same blue paint used above. Nice look. I have a fun colorized project that I'll do later this week. I may use it for Christmas gifts for my sisters. Shhh, don't tell them.

Next, I did a pattern paper transfer onto the sticky side of the SBC. I put the paper, print side down onto the peeled back sticky side. Burnished it well, spritzed with water and rubbed the paper off to revealed the transferred image. The nice thing about this is that any patterned paper design you like can be transferred to canvas and become something you can stitch on and use in anyway you would use fabric. The first one I did was disappointing, too much white in the background. Some of the red transferred onto the white in the rubbing process. Busy pattern and less white for the next one.

This worked much better. One small flaw-the line across the canvas is where in the manufacturing there was a break in the sticky application. For most uses this would not be a problem, but it definitely made a difference with this technique. I'm hoping that is not a regular problem with the SBC. I could see a line when I peeled it but didn't realize it lacked adhesive there. Next time, if I am doing this technique and see the line, I'll know to avoid it.
Some interesting things you can do with this technique and it was super easy.
I'm liking Sticky Back Canvas.


Yogi said...

oh you did wonderful stuff with this SBC. I have never tried it. I guess it's time to Google it.

I see our minds went in the same direction with the release paper. I had also put a piece of copper with the release paper on through my Cuttlebug and the release paper was sitting on my desk and I just couldn't throw it away. It's on an ATC that I'll be uploading within the next day or two.

Sue said...

Love this, and love that you are doing Claudia's class! Beautiful stuff.