Saturday, July 31, 2010

A BIG day at the market

I must have been hungry-definitley low on sleep-I wanted everything in sight. The big disappointment was NO blueberries. They stayed good for two weeks. I ate the last of them today. I would have loved two more quarts!
I missed out on tuberose today but went with sunflowers again and at the last minute grabbed a bunch of zennia for the great vase Amy gave me. Perfect.
See the Cumin Seed Gouda? Yippee! Buffalo for us and for Mom who is eating heart healthy these days. We had enough chicken, as a matter of fact there is a whole chicken marinating in the fridge for Mother's Sticky Chicken tonight. Yellow squash which I like just boiled with onion, kale- I'm slow cooking that tonight and making soup maybe. Though maybe Sue roasted kale? The corn isn't the best. I didn't pull the husks back and some isn't so good but 1.50 for 4 ears,
who's complaining?
More small potatoes, red this week!  I got a lot of tomatoes. Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, lemon somethings, and these cute little Peach tomatoes which are a little fuzzy and translucent. I can't wait to try them on a salad. I bought peaches to replace the blueberries. Some green beans, green pepper, red pepper.
Is your mouth watering yet?

I loved this boy blowing bubbles with a rope wand. Big bubbles. Sweet.

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Yogi said...

another wonderful haul. Yup mouths watering. Our market had lots of blueberries this week along with blackberries which I was very tempted with to make jam. But I made a blueberry jam batch a couple weeks ago, so that will last me the year and not in the mood of cooking this weekend...

Bought figs instead - my favorite fruit. I think this week's variety was brown turkey figs.