Sunday, July 04, 2010

Farmers market 7/3

I deleted a few photos so you may have to click the big picture one to see everything. Oops.  We still have some things from last week so not a big haul. Corn looked fantastic and had just been cut that morning. This is a white variety.  Peaches from Indiana-I'm having one of these with yogurt for dessert tonight.  Thank goodness for whole chickens-I can't wait for this cooked with the Mother's Sticky Chicken recipe with leftovers going into bruschetta pasta. More on that...
I've been eating turkey sandwiches with cucumber, a tsp of mayo, and black pepper on whole wheat bread for lunch-pretty tasty. 
The tomatoes are wonderful! I got a big variety today. Some Cherokee Purple, some plain red heirloom, and two different yellow varieties, oh, and a Mr. Stripey!
I went with red (ok, really magenta), white and blue flowers for the weeks, a Dixie cup bouquet from Claire and Sweet William, white and blue statice from the other flower folks. I thought Claire's bouquet looked festive in this blue Bybee vase and my little glasses from last week's estate sale with red, white and blue votives.

Now for the bruschetta pasta- I made this last week and we just LOVED it!  Whole wheat penne tossed with bruschetta mix of 3 heirloom, seeded tomatoes, 5 cloves of garlic, a handful of basil chopped, salt, pepper and about two tablespoons of basalmic vinegar. Oh, my! On a hot summer night it's a pretty tasty dinner. This is what the left over chicken will be added to for a bit heartier supper.

How about this surprise? I picked a watermelon at Kroger this week and look at this beauty. Isn't it a lovely lemon color?  Tastes wonderful-it's been along side my turkey sandwich all week.

Coming up, the beautiful urban garden we discovered last week in the alley walk from the farmers market. I took phone this week.
Oh, and if you haven't seen it already- here's the new hair cut. I haven't had my hair this short for 10 years.

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